Registered Intermediary


The core business of MijnVoetbalTalent  is advice and career assistance for footballers. We help footballers find opportunities with clubs that are suitable for their age, level of ability and salary expectations. If needed, we look for trials where players can show themselves. Based on our own top sport experience, we help players to become a top professional in all aspects of their career.

Since 2013, MijnVoetbalTalent  has been a  licensed  players’ agent and intermediary, registered with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and member of ProAgent, the Dutch Association of Agents. This means we support players in negotiating salary packages and handling legal contract issues . Furthermore, we can support  players with many additional matters, such as finding personal physical or technical training, marketing and financial planning.

MijnVoetbalTalent.nl has an ever-expanding international network of contacts, with the Belgian, French and German football markets as specialties.



We offer players intensive personal guidance with the sole purpose: to support you in your development into a top professional. We make up a Personal Development Plan based on your identified skills. In addition, we support you with advice during times of personal difficulty, i.e. loss of form, injuries, feeling under pressure, that you will undoubtedly encounter in your career, and advise you how to deal with it and help you with the decisions to make. We bring you into contact with specialists who can help you in various areas of focus if necessary or desired.

We support footballers at all levels. You don’t have to be a professional player yet to be supported by us, as we are a specialist in identifying  and helping talents who are under the radar. If you are an amateur at a national (youth) division level, but if you have the motivation to do everything to become a professional, you can also come to us. Are you a super motivated footballer who wants to make the most of his football career? Please contact us and convince us of your ambitions!



For football clubs, MijnVoetbalTalent’s goal is to be a partner who is knowledgeable, with market knowledge, and with whom it is especially enjoyable to work with. Because we supervise players intensively, we will not offer clubs very often a lot of players, but the players we guide and present are carefully screened for their footballing qualities, and above all on their commitment, attitude and behaviour (if not, then we indicate). Often we also take an Action Type Questionnaire from our (Dutch) players.

Clubs can contact MijnVoetbalTalent if they are looking for players for certain positions. MijnVoetbalTalent has lots of contacts and great knowledge of talents on the Dutch, Belgian and French football markets. In addition, we have many foreign contacts.